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    Tip for driver updates on new machines with Windows 7


      Hey, after experience with different brands (Acer, HP and Intel) of newer machines with Windows 8 pre-installed (except for the Intel NUC that had none of course), typically the manufacturer did not officially support drivers for Windows 7. And particularly the HP kept crashing as reported in event viewer Kernal Power failure 41.


      Point is that all automatically update tools from mentioned brands and Windows Update did not find any updates, for example the Intel update did not even find the Intel devices in the HP machine (Envy Phoenix), and perhaps it is because the automatic updates only look Windows 8 drivers that doesn't match the installed Windows 7, perhaps it is intentional.


      So after trying all the official methods (also manually searching) then there's only the third-party alternative driver update software, which usually comes with advertisements and small browser hacks.


      Googled "driver updater free" and found this. After trying the recommended 1.  Driver Booster utility it worked like this:

      - During installation it recommends some other installations which can be deselected.

      - It's a normal installation with a desktop icon and no browser hacks, it only adds two lines two in the Task Scheduler.

      - On the HP Envy Phoenix it found 11 very old drivers both from HP, Microsoft and Intel and updated them all for free, after that the critical errors disappeared and also the SFC /SCANNOW dos command showed no corruption.

      - On the Intel NUC which already worked smoothly with Windows 7, it still found some years old drivers, that neither Windows Update nor Intel update could! And maybe that's because their automatic updaters are not set to look for Windows 7 drivers after a particular date???


      Anyway the tip is: This driver update utility will currently probably solve driver problems on newer machines with Windows 7. And it's for free.