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    Macbook Pro 13 2015 Retina with Iris 6100 in Windows Bootcamp 4K support


      Hi all. I recently purchased a 2015 Retina Mac Book pro 13 inch with the Iris 6100 graphics. I have a 4K TV at home and I recently purchased an acer s277hk 4K monitor.


      Here is the issue:


      With OSX Yosemite I can get 4K 60Hz via display port on both my TV and the monitor. On any version of Windows I try (with the latest March Intel Drivers) the monitor only will do 4K x 30Hz over the displayport.


      This occurs with both my TV and the S277HK Monitor.


      Is this still something that is a work in progress?


      Both My TV and the S277HK Monitor also do 4Kx60HZ via HDMI 2.0 with my Desktop Geforce 980


      I mainly use the MacBook with OSX and the 4K works fine in there but Id really like to get it to work in Windows also.