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    Network configuration problems - Intel Galileo gen 1




      I'm using Intel Galileo gen 1 with SD-card Linux Image (Intel® Galileo Boards and Kits — Software Downloads -- Intel® Galileo Boards and Kits — SD Card Setup and Sketch Persistent) but I encountered a big trouble.

      I started with the "/etc/network/interfaces" and set it with my network settings. Then, following the recommendations of a friend of mine that had already used this linux image in Galileo, I erased " /etc/rc5.d/S05connman" and created a link between "/etc/init.d/networking" and "/etc/rc5.d/S05networking", but after a reboot of the system I realised that the network configuration hadn't initialized with the system.

      To fix that I used the command "ifup -a" which forces the network to initialize and incorporated it inside a script, making it run in the boot.

      I don't know why is this happening, but what I did also affected "/etc/resolv.conf" file, which, after a reboot, is empty. I fixed this problem with the same script that loads up the network configurations.

      So, the questions are: Can I keep this solution? And what I did wrong to cause all this trouble?


      Besides the previous problem, I'm also having trouble to use OpenCV in this linux image. I've picked "SD-card Linux Image" because I had been told that it had OpenCV, but I couldn't find how to use it. Can someone help me?