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    Does SteamOS with linux kernel 3.10 not support the DN2820FYKH?


      Disclaimer: I've installed latest BIOS Update [FYBYT10H.86A](the first thing I did after getting this NUC from the store) because it includes work for SteamOS. It is in my plans to do the incremental BIOS update to that version according to this thread https://communities.intel.com/thread/52658?q=Intel%20NUC%20DN2820FYKH

      I also want to ask if you have the same advice for me.


      I know Debian 8 may be released at the end of this month and that maybe SteamOS will offer a newer kernel(maybe linux 3.16) after that, but as it is now SteamOS has linux kernel 3.10 and I have been unsuccessful in running it on the aforementioned NUC. Has anybody else been successful in running SteamOS on the Intel DN2820FYKH?(with linux kernel 3.10)


      Also is this the right place to post this or is the recommended way to post it on Steam U forums?