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    connecting multiple A2DP headsets to Intel Edison via bluetooth


      can any one help me with task
      Right now i am trying to listen to music from Intel Edison on multiple Headsets using A2DP using the built-in Bluetooth on Intel Edison
      i have played (.wav) files perfectly on just 1 headset, but what i need to do is play the same audio on multiple ones ate the same time all working together
      i was able to pair 2 Headsets successfully and then i connected the first one but when i get to connect the second on it first says trying to connect then after that it say bluez have failed to connect

      so i cant connect the 2 headsets together to be able to play sound on them simultaneously

      so any help to connect multiple A2DP headsets and listen to music from Intel Edison simultaneously will be appreciated

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          And are the two headsets working fine separately? So you can pair both your headsets and connect one of them but when you try to connect the second one you get the error of failed connection? Can you show some screenshots the output of the Linux console when the two devices are paired up and the error you get after trying to connect? Also what image are you using?


          Helpful link: http://alextgalileo.altervista.org/blog/lets-make-noise-play-audio-edison/



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            first thanks Intel_Alvarado for your reply


            yes i can play music (.wav files) on each head set separately i have paired the 2 headsets and when playing i connect one and play the music and to play on the 2nd headset i have to disconnected the first one and connect the second one and audio plays fine
            second i am using the latest image on the Intel website for week 120 bluez 5.24
            third this is the error

            [bluetooth]# connect 00:07:61:76:8E:78
            Attempting to connect to 00:07:61:76:8E:78
            Failed to connect: org.bluez.Error.Failed

            as it connects to any one of the 2 headsets perfectly the problem is to connect to a second one while still connected to the first on
            and i need to play audio from Intel Edison to multiple headsets at the same time

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              I don't think this is an Edison problem - this is fairly standard bluetooth behavior.


              it's possible to pair as many devices as you like. pairing ability doesn't mean very much in this context.


              it's possible to then connect multiple already-paired devices (e.g. you can have mouse, keyboard, speaker, remote, game controller, etc. all at the same time)


              EXCEPT - it is generally not possible to connect+stream BT audio to more than 1 sink. (I believe it becomes even more difficult when the 2+ sinks you are attempting to connect, are identical models of hardware)


              there are specific BT chips designed for this (e.g. Kokkia i10 usb dongle, from a brief google search just now), but they are not so common. (look up bluetooth multi streaming) - generally more expensive than generic BT adapters, and sometimes only work with specific speakers/headsets from the same mfgr.


              but my understanding is that this is closer to a software+performance+security issue. messing around with e.g. pulseaudio can allow all sorts of magical horrible things to be done; but if both a2dp devices can't even connect simultaneously (which, again, is not surprising) then messing around with software sources/sinks/etc. is likely only a waste of time.


              this may not be suitable for whatever your intended application, but here's a very, very lazy, ugly workaround:

              - get a bluetooth receiver with 3.5mm stereo output jack (or a BT speaker with an aux-out port, e.g. the BEM Cube)

              - get a 3.5mm stereo Y-splitter wire

              - get 2 sets of analog stereo headphones

              - etc. (or if the headphones absolutely need to be wireless, perform some sort of unholy RF-based signal-splitting at the BT received, instead of a Y wire)

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                thanks tintar for reply


                its as you said its not an Intel Edison problem its a BT problem also i have paired and connected 4 different devices to the Edison so the problem is not ordinary connection but its with the BT profile A2DP as it can't connect to multiple devices and cant have multiple streams


                i also have seen the Kokkia i10 and its good but not for me as i need to connect more than 4 speakers and all of them must be wireless


                And after searching in this mater i have found that i need to configure the A2DP profile as to act as L2CAP and Broadcast the audio stream over the air keeping the properties of A2DP and configure the receivers to read the data through the address of the source without the need of active connection (asynchronous connection less mode) so the connection in unidirectional with out the need of splitting the Bandwidth of the  BT or send the same data differently to each speaker


                any help with this will be appreciated