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    Intel Edison and Muscle Sensor v3



      I'm working on a project to monitor muscle activity using the Muscle Sensor v3 by SparkFun (Muscle Sensor v3 - SEN-13027 - SparkFun Electronics). I'm trying to get it to work with my Intel Edison, but so far no success - so I thought of you guys. I'm attaching the SIG from the Muscle Sensor to the Edison GPIO pin#J17-1 and the GND of the sensor to the Edison GND (pin #J19-3).

      I'm looking at getting sensor data in the variations from 0 to 6/700 or so, (I've seen people receiving this kind of output when using Arduions). Is it possible to do this with Edison? Perhaps I'm using the wrong GPIO-pin? Please help me out if you have any thoughts on solutions!


      My rig looks exactly like the one here (page2): http://cdn.sparkfun.com/datasheets/Sensors/Biometric/Muscle%20Sensor%20v3%20Users%20Manual.pdf, but with Edison instead of Arduino.


      I'm using python and here's the code:


      import mraa
      sensor = mraa.Gpio(31)
      while True:     
          print "Sensor: ", sensor.read()


      Just tested the sensor to a multimeter and I get voltage output, from ~0 to 5V, so the sensor works.


      Please enlighten me!