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    Disappointed  - Audio problem intel won't fix


      I have a nuc d54250wyk. It is connected directly to my Samsung tv ua55hu7000 via hdmi which provides the graphics and audio.


      The nuc is used as a HTPC


      I leave the nuc on permanently but turn off the TV when not using it.  When I turn the TV back on, the audio sources are lost and a red Cross is placed across the sound icon at the bottom right of the screen. I need to reboot each time I want the audio to start working again.


      This seems to be a recognised problem. See here: https://communities.intel.com/mobile/mobile-access.jspa#jive-content?content=%2Fapi%2Fcore%2Fv3%2Fcontents%2F162237


      It does not appear intel has a solution or is taking steps to address it.


      People have suggested hdmiyo and to turn off anynet cec on the TV. Both suggestions do not work.


      I am very disappointed with this given the money and effort gone to with this nuc


      Intel, please confirm there is a workable solution now in place for this problem

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          Still awaiting a response from intel...

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            Still nothing from intel


            Is it fair to assume intel has produced a system that does not work with new TV's??


            Intel please respond with a solution

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              Be assured intel doesn't care they do a lot of promises and blame others for their faults. The time intel was a quality company with quality products seems to be something of the past. Check the cir issue, false promises over and over, such easy things to fix but engineering blames others instead of fixing an easy typo in the bios.

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                I am astounded at Intel ignoring this problem for over two years.


                I have directly pm'd Intel suport reps and I get simply ignored. 


                This is clearly a design flaw that Intel refuses to deal with.  I would prefer them to respond saying that this problem cannot be fixed and they will honour a refund.


                But to simply not acknowledge the issue makes it all the worse

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                  Same here on my Haswell NUC. I bought a new Broadwell i3 hoping it would fix the issue, but that one causes the ARC channel on my TV to completely crash and my soundbar disconnects totally, and NOTHING plugged in has audio until I unplug the NUC's HDMI. How does a device so well designed as an HTPC not work with home theaters and TVs at all? Returned the new NUC and bought an Alienware Alpha and put 8.1/Media Center on it. Let's hope Nvidia knows how to make HDMI actually work properly. Intel doesn't.

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                    If you have tried BIOS update, using direct video cables, remove and reinstall graphics drivers and audio drivers and you still have sound issues, I recommend contacting Intel Customer Support and request warranty for your NUC.


                    Online warranty:Service Request Email


                    Chat support:  http://www.intel.com/p/en_US/support/contactsupport


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                      I already returned the NUC5i3MYBE. I found at least 3 other people with the EXACT same issue online, the sound plays through the TV speakers, but  when I enable the Audio Return Channel to use a soundbar or receiver, it blows up ARC and nothing works until I disconnect the NUC. One had a Panasonic plasma, one had a Sony, I have an LG OLED. Same issue. I just built the NUC last week, everything was updated. After 2 bad experiences, I'm done. The Alienware Alpha I bought with an Nvidia GPU works flawlessly. So, hope this helps give your engineers something to go on. I still will use NUCs as desktops, just can't recommend as HTPCs.

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                        Allan, what is Intel's solution to the numerous complaints and issues identified the thread I linked in my first post?


                        I have tried each of your suggestions to no avail


                        There are numerous examples of the same problem littered throughout the internet. People have purchased costly Gefen Hdmi Detective Plus units to prevent the nuc thinking the TV is in standby and removing the presence of audio from the system. This has not worked.


                        You cannot simply shift responsibility to.another department. This is a known ongoing unresolved issue for 2 years.


                        Why is this occurring?


                        What is Intel's solution?


                        What steps have and are being taken to resolve this?


                        Which teams are working on this and at what levels?


                        You will no doubt appreciate the frustration this causes

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                          I know it is not what you want perse to hear but a solution could be to make use of a so called cec adapter, this because intel nuc's dont have build in cec. You can take a look at pulse-eight.

                          Another solution could be to make use of kodibuntu or openelec with kodi (xbmc). With the cec-adapter it will set your nuc into sleep when you turn your tv out.

                          The problem you have is i think as follow:


                          You have a tv with cec, your soundbar also has cec ? When you put your tv into sleep mode the soundbar wil get in sleepmode too. When you activate your tv the soundbar will turn ok due the cec. The nuc you have to wake up manually, but somehow it still remembered the sound device is turned off. With the cec adapter you wont have that problem because when you turn off your tv all devices will get into sleep incluiding your nuc. I have myself a same setup and it works flowless here. Perhabs give it a try!

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                            Thanks mgear. Much appreciated. So frustrating that intel, the manufacturer, is just unwilling to help. I really am surprised by their apathy

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                              do you have:

                              1. "hdmi audio without video" enabled in intel gpu settings?

                              2. "turn off the display after" disabled in windows power plan settings?


                              d34010 24/7, denon avr, samsung tv



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                                Not sure if this is really going to help, but moving up to the latest graphics drivers ( solved my audio issues.


                                My configuration is:

                                NUC D34010   --HDMI-->   Denon AVR   --HDMI-->   BenQ W1070 projector


                                I can now flawlessly turn on/off my Denon AVR and BenQ W1070 projector in any order and the audio will correctly reset and configure itself for the devices. Before the latest driver it was random whether the audio would reset or require a NUC reboot.


                                In bypass mode (Denon off), the audio configures itself to regular 2-stereo sound. When the Denon AVR is on, the audio reconfigures itself to support all the features of the Denon (DTS, Dolby, etc.). One thing to note however, and I don't know if it's relevant. I keep the Denon configuration in Windows to regular 2-stereo sound. Since I use audio pass-through mode for all of my TV/Movie watching (Plex, PowerDVD, etc.), I still get DTS, Dolby, etc. when the TV/Movie supports it. Otherwise it's pumped through as stereo and I let the Denon mix the surround.

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                                  Alas updating to latest drivers did not solve it

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                                    Have private messaged Kevin and Allan from intel but they do not respond


                                    Strangely they respond to other messages on the forum


                                    Quite shocked at the way intel ignores this fundamental problem

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