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    NUC DE3815 connector information availble? (processor fan header, SATA power connector)


      Technical specification contains pinout for SATA-power connector, but seems to miss information on mechanical connector form factor, type, size.


      Has someone found this information in some document or does someone have the board (and enough experience) to identify the connectors?


      Connector (see [1]):

      * Processor fan header (page 13, connector E)

      * SATA power header (page 15, header G)


      For the processor fan, the pinout is missing also and tested hardware list does not mention any compatible fan. Does someone know pinout or model of compatible fan?


      Apart from that: I thought, that that kind of information would be exactly what to find in a technical specification. Are other vendors' specifications the same regarding such information or would it make sense to switch the vendor? Recommendations?



      [1] http://downloadmirror.intel.com/23745/eng/DE3815TYBE_TechProdSpec07.pdf