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    RST fails to start after unexpected disk driver "update"


      Rapid Storage Technology (RST) was running as expected on my Win7 64bit system until I added a second video card and Windows seemed to install an “updated” driver.  Since then, RST has not fully started.  I think the right step is to re-install the RST driver but I cannot seem to.  I rolled back the disk driver and uninstalled the driver to no avail.  Each time I do, Windows installs what it thinks is the right driver, and I believe that is why RST fails to start – because the right disk driver is not installed. 



      I could be going down the wrong path.  I have tried to reinstall RST with no success.  The version of RST that was previously functional was



      System info:

      Boot device is SSD. Two additional drives (the drives in question) are mirrored on the controller and viewed in Windows as a single drive. RST allows me to monitor the drives and know if one becomes defective. 


      RAID 0 is done on 7 series/C216 SATA controller (driver version date 11/29/2011)

      Drives are two Western Digital 4 TB

      Driver Windows continually installs:  (Microsoft) version 6.1.7600.16385 date 06/21/2006

      Driver I think needs to be installed:  RST version (x64) https://downloadcenter.intel.com/download/24779/Intel-Rapid-Storage-Technology-Intel-RST-RAID-Driver

      Then of course, I have to reinstall RST – which currently will not get beyond “This platform is not supported.”


      I am willing and able to provide whatever information about the system and its components that will enable someone to guide me to restoring RST functionality.


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          You may try either one of the following steps:

          • Uninstall the driver you installed recently and install a different version from the manufacturer’s website.
          • Uninstall Intel® Rapid Storage Technology in safe mode and install a supported version.


          It is advised to create a backup of your RAID volume or any important data before executing the steps above. We recommend Intel® Rapid Storage Technology v12.9 for Intel® 7 Series Chipset.


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            Regrets for the untimely response.  I have been traveling for work for several weeks.


            Part of the problem is Windows automatically installs a driver (see pic).  When I uninstall that driver, which driver should I install?  An Intel driver or one from the hard drive manufacturer (Western Digital)? I looked but only found a firmware driver for the WD drives.


            A bigger, possibly better, question is, What is the most efficient way to monitor the drives in my array?   Until Windows automatically installed an updated driver, I was using RST.  If there is a more efficient way, I am eager to proceed directly to it.


            Is there a more direct way to Intel support than this forum?


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              Could it be better to troubleshoot the graphics card driver instead of the Hard Drive or RAID controller driver?

              Would a system restore be of help?

              If the drives are connected to the Intel® Chipset the only software to manage RAID arrays is Intel® Rapid Storage Technology.

              You may contact Intel Support for Intel® Chipsets via chat or e-mail.

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                First of all, I resolved the problem over the weekend.  The root of the problem was Intel Rapid Storage Technology.  The sequence of installation of the drivers and applications is critical, and I was unable to determine the difference between drivers and applications based on the descriptions.  Once I put my mind to it, and had several hours of uninterrupted time that I had to regrettably devote to this issue, I was able to resolve it.


                Prior to Friday, I used Intel chat.  I was referred to my motherboard manufacturer, who - if you have not guessed already - referred me to Intel.  The old supply chain two step.


                joe_intel, I appreciate your time and recommendations.  Unfortunately, they were too little, too late.  But again, to end on a positive note, the issue is resolved.