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    Intel Graphics Options Duplicated. Urgent need help!


      Hello fellow intel friends. Im here to show you a photo. As you can see from the picture, I have TWO INTEL Graphics instead  of one. This happened after installing Intel driver from Acers website. Since the intel driver installed by windows after windows 8.1 update gave me few issues.


      1. I cant do Manual refresh by doing "Right click in desktop , and click REFRESH" only way for me to refresh is by clicking F5


      2. ALSO After playing for too long with my laptop. The side screen wont appear! You know.. the one when you swipe your mouse to the right screen, and the side screen will appear.

           But it wont T_T


      So my question is Why are there TWO Intel Graphics options? Please i need answers, Thank you very much !


      Screenshot (7).png