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    Library for I2C Read/Write


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      I am working on the I2C bus over Galileo board  and i don't want to use any arduino application for this purpose .  I want to make make an application in c . Is it possible to use the Wire Library of arduino in my c application  ?? if yes , how ? and if no , what are other alternatives.


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          if you use the Intel IoT development kit SD card image for Galileo you will find libmraa which abstracts GPIO, i2c, ... and supports C/C++, Python and Node.JS out of the box

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            Hello Galileo_User,


            To answer your question about if the Wire Library of Arduino can be used on a C application, well, the libraries included in Intel's Arduino IDE are .h and .cpp so I believe they could be used on a C application, however I believe they would have to be modified and would probably require work (maybe a lot) to make it work. That being said, there are a couple of alternatives, for example you could use MRAA to interact with I2; MRAA is a C/C++ library made to interact with the Galileo/Edison's I/O interface. You can learn more about MRAA here:


            mraa: Main Page


            Also you can check intel-iot-devkit/mraa · GitHub for some examples of using MRAA.


            Another way of using I2C would be using I2C-tools, which is a package you can get from AlexT's repo.