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    Trouble replacing RAID 1 drives


      I'm running Windows 7 x64 and Intel Matrix Storage Console v8.9 on an Asus motherboard with an ICH10R Southbridge.  I have five SATA drives on this system, two of which are configured as a RAID 1.  Those two are running out of space, so I decided to replace them with larger drives.  The plan was to format one of the new drives and then swap it for one of the old drives and let the RAID rebuild itself, which went fine.  Then I was going to do the same with the second drive and expand the volume on the rebuilt array.  The problem is, Matrix Storage Console won't let me rebuild to the second new drive.  When I tell it to, it gives me a long list of "possible" reasons why it can't, including that the new drive may contain system files, may be too small, there may have been an error or SMART event on the drive (it previously passed CHKDSK with no problems), and other things I don't remember (sorry for not taking a screen grab of the message).  The only things visible on it are pagefile.sys, the $RECYCLE.BIN folder, and the System Volume Information folder, none of which I'm able to delete; Windows also won't let me format the drive, claiming the drive is in use by another program, but I can't find anything that's using it (I close everything in the foreground).  For now, I've rebuilt the array with one of the old drives, but I'd like to get it working with the remaining new drive.  Any tips?  Thanks.


      Edited to include CHKDSK.

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          Hello Involute, thanks for joining the Intel Community.


          It is very important to know the following information in order to find out the reason why the system is not copying the data into the new hard drive.


          Please reply back with the following information:




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            Thanks for your reply.  Answers below.


            > Where do you have the operating system install?


            On a single SSD, C:.  The RAID is drive D:.


            > May I have the model number of the motherboard you are using?


            Asustek P6X58D-E


            > Please let me know the size of the new hard drivers?


            2TB each.


            > I would recommend you installing the Rapid Storage technology version 11.7.




            Since I originally posted, I've made some progress.  I was able to rebuild the array with one of the original drives (let's call it drive X) and the balky new drive (let's call it Y) after deleting the partition on Y.  Then I replaced the X with the other new drive that hadn't caused a problem (Z).  Now, however, Matrix Manager shows two broken arrays:



            The only actions it's offering on either array is modify or delete the associated volume.  Array_000 has the Y disk.  Array_001 has the Z disk.  Not sure how to proceed.  Delete the volume on Array_001 and hope it releases Z to the Non-RAID pool so I can add it to Array_000?

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              For the benefit of anyone having the same problem, I DID delete the Data (mirror):1 volume which released the drive to the Non-RAID Hard Drives. Then I selected the released drive as the one to rebuild the RAID to which proceeded without a hitch. Next, I expanded the Data (mirror) volume to 100% of available space. Finally, I expanded the volume again in the Windows Disk Management console, which doesn't happen automatically when expanding it within Matrix Manager. Now everything's working fine.

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