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    i350-f2 unidirectional transfer




      We have a couple of i350-f2 LC boards that we would like to use for unidirectional transfer as a hardware data diode, that is, we would like to use only one fiber between the cards. The other fiber has to be disconnected. Is it possible to set up the card so that it starts transmitting without any carrier signal detected on the RX port? Apparently the card get disabled if it detects no carrier.


      The OS is Linux, if that is relevant.


      Thanks a lot.

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          Hi Hold,


          Thank you for contacting Intel.


          The Intel® Ethernet Server Adapters with fiber optic connector requires that RX and TX ports be connected.  The network adapter won't connect when only 1 port (RX or TX) is connected.





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            Hello Sandy,


            Thanks for the feedback. Could you please let me know if some other (desktop?) Intel cards would allow one way hookup? Is this limitation a question of the driver or the hardware/firmware? Since now cybersecurity is becoming ever so important, it would be an elegant and easy solution to use fiber optic cards as a data diode.


            Thank again!


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              Hi Andrey,


              Thanks for writing back.


              Currently, all our fiber optic Ethernet Adapters requires both RX and TX port connected in order to work.  You will need a specialized fiber optic card to use it as a data diode.


              I have noted your concerns to consider it for our future product release.


              Feel free to contact us if you further questions regarding Intel Network Cards.