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    The power required tab of Windows7 about Intel USB3.0 driver.




      I have a questions about power required menu of Generic USB Hub Properties in Windows7 device manager.


      Please follow my test procedure.

      1. Prepare Intel H81 board and USB mouse.

      2. Install the Windows7 and drivers except Intel USB3.0.

      3. Check the power tab of Generic USB Hub Properties.

          You can see the USB mouse information like red-rectangular.


      4. And then install the Intel USB3.0 driver. I used the latest version V3.0.4.65.

      5. Re-check the power tab of Generic USB Hub Properties.

          USB mouse information is disappeared.



      1. Is this symptom driver spec? Is there special reason about removal the power required of USB mouse?

      2. From where read "Power required 100mA" information?