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    Cannot reach "Download" tab in Driver Update Utility


      Hi. I am trying to update the drivers on both of my Lenovo G580 lap tops. I have loaded the Intel Driver Update Utility and it has found various updates, but I cannot reach the "download" tab. I have try every way I can think of to alter the page to change the size so that the page fits the screen so that I cam able to reach the tab. I have no problem with any other application  on my system except this one.Can anyone advise me as to how solve this??

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          I found my solution, but it is sad that a IT company as big at Intel has not been able to over come a simple issue like this. What you need to do is go to control panel, then to under appearance and personalize, look for "Adjust screen resolution" click this and then look for "make text and other items smaller or larger" Here you select to make items smaller. You will have to restart your computer for these setting to take place and then you can get to the "download Icon" on the driver software. this is for Windows 8.1 systems