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    Ubilinux. Will it blend?


      Hi everyone!


      I've flashed typical Intel Edison image, but I'd like to try Ubilinux, since it will meet my requirements just great.

      (Also I'm Ubuntu guy, but it's a different story )


      Current version: 3.10.17-poky-edison+

      Is there any way to backup my current Intel Edison image?

      If anything will go wrong, how can I recover back to stock image?

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          Hi Nodead,


          I will recommend you the following threads. Your questions have been made before so I think you will find the threads interesting :


          For the backup question please check this thread:

          For the recovery question please check these threads:


          I hope you find that information useful.




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            Words to the wise, DONT DO IT !


            If you decide to do it,  don't whine about it here!


            If you read EVERYTHING before you do ANYTHING, and IF (that's a BIG IF) you can follow instructions (and most people can't) then everything will be fine. Otherwise, you will (probably) 'brick' your beautiful new Edison... a perfectly good perfectly functioning yocto fully embedded gnu/linux system the size of a postage stamp... but hey, you do whatever you feel is right...  I tend to not let my feelings lead, but hey, ...  Just sayin

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              Mark, why so? I mean, does Ubilinux even worse?


              The main reason I want Ubilinux is to get some adequate package manager. OPKG looks like worst manager ever, and it looks easier to change system, than install dpkg or something like that.

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                hi, the reason is that you trade one set of problems for another;  and, often the unit (the Edison) gets bricked in the process.


                Yes, Ubilinux is more 'friendly,' has a better package manager, and has the entire debian support community... not to mention more binary packages available than yocto and opkg.


                On the other hand, making xdk-daemon work on Ubilinux (with the rest of the Intel development kit) might be a fit.  I'm not saying it won't work, I'm just saying that Intel has optimized their development kit to work with yocto.


                The main reason I'm opposed to Ubilinux is that 'most' people end of bricking their Edison when they try it.  I will tell you this, when it tells you to 'wait' two minutes at least in the middle of the process...  YOU BETTER DO WHAT YOU WERE TOLD>>>   I would go take a two - three minute walk at that point!  




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                  Well, obviously I can follow the instructions! Took a ten minutes tea break after flashing =D


                  Ubilinux works great, but you were right about another bunch of problems. Now trying to make Edison read from UART. But, it's a long story.


                  Thanks for help and advices!

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                    I use Ubilinux on my Edison and it's fine.  I haven't bricked my Edison.  I've even accidentally done a 'rm -rf *' on the / folder .  I was able to re-flash the Ubilinux image and it's fine.  You're right about Edison being optimized for Yocto.  Some Intel documents don't apply to Ubilinux.