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    NUC5i5RYH - Signal lost




      I've just bought a NUC5i5RYH and I meet a problem :


      If my AV receiver is turned on (on the good "entry/port") and I turn on my NUC, I can see the BIOS loading, and then the signal is lost before Windows 8.1 starts => I mean, the NUC has started, but I can't see anything.

      I have to switch the entry of the AV Receiver, and then go back on the good entry to actually see the image of the NUC.


      My AV receiver is a Cambridge Audio 351R, and it works fine with my other computer


      I've updated all the drivers and the BIOS, so I don't know what to do now.



      Please help me, thanks !


      PS : excuse me, english is not my first language

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          Can someone help me please ? I don't know what to do to solve this problem.

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            Hello Pretender06 thanks for joining the Intel Community

            We always recommend customers to use straight connection. In your case, the receiver is working as an adapter. That could be the reason of the behavior you are getting when it is between the NUC and the TV.


            We tried to make as many third party components compatible as possible, but do to the sheer quantity of these third party components we cannot always guarantee compatibility.


            Please check if there is a firmware update for your AVR and that you are using a straight cable.


            Are you able to access the BIOS?


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              Hello Silvia,


              My AVR is update and I'm using a straight cable.


              Yes, I'm able to access to the BIOS. I've tried to specify the "IGD Primary Video Port" to "HDMI" but it's not better.

              What can I do ?


              Thanks for your help.

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                Can you test the system without the AVR? Are you able to boot to Windows while this device is not connected to the NUC. Let me know the results

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                  I've connected the NUC directly to my TV and no problem, it boots correctly.


                  But, my previous PC I bought for cheap was also able to boot correctly being connected to my AVR. So, that's why I'm a little bit disappointed by the NUC...


                  Is it a deadend ?

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                    As I mentioned it on a previous post, Intel has tried to make as many third party components compatible as possible, but we cannot guarantee all of them are going to work on every system.

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                      Do you think I will have the same problem using the mini displayPort ?


                      Thanks for your help !

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                        This is something we haven’t tried in our systems. I’m sorry.

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                          Ok, I understand.


                          One last question, is there a way to signal to Intel, that there still is some problems ?

                          Maybe, the problem can be fixed with new drivers...

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                            Yes, I could share this information with the engineers.

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                              Do you have some news form the engineers ?


                              I have searched on the Intel website, and there is no list of compatible receiver... So, I was not aware that my NUC would malfunction with my receiver. So now, I have trouble since my purchase. And no solution can be proposed to help me.

                              Very bad home cinema experience with this NUC (Intel® NUC—A Home Theater in the Palm of Your Hand)



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                                Hello Pretender06,

                                I have some questions in order to better understand this issue and also some suggestions:


                                Have you tried a different cable? Many similar issues have been resolved by using good quality HDMI cables. You mentioned that you had used this receiver with another computer, what is the operating system on that other computer?

                                You are confirming that you get video, but only when you switch the entry, are you changing the input physically? (For example from video 1 to video 2.)  Or are you just changing the “source equipment “ selection?

                                This may be a windows compatibility issue, particularly since you mentioned that you are able to get video while the system is booting but then it fails when it loads windows.

                                I tried finding this product in the Windows* Compatibility Center (http://www.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/compatibility/CompatCenter/Home?) but this model was not listed, you can contact the manufacturer of the receiver to see if they have any compatibility issues with windows 8.1.

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                                  Hello hansb_intel,


                                  I have tried two different cables and I have the same problem. This excludes a cable issue.


                                  The operating system on the other computer is Windows 7.

                                  I have tried to install on the NUC, Windows 7, WIndows 8.1 and also OpenElec. With the three OS and latest drivers, I have the same issue. This excludes a Windows compatibility issue.


                                  No, I don't change the input physically, I mean, I don't unplug and then plug again  the HDMI cable.

                                  The NUC is on video 1 (for example). I push a button on my remote controler to choose video 2. And then, I push the button video 1 and I get back the image.   (video 1 => video 2 => video 1)



                                  So, after all my test I'm sure at 100% that there is a NUC issue. And, I'm not the only one to have this issue, because other people I met on specialized forum, with other receivers, have the same problem.


                                  So, please, tell me hansb_intel what are my options now ?

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                                    I'll be glad to give you some other suggestions; hopefully we will be able to find a solution.


                                    There still some other things to try before considering this a NUC issue, but I would like to clarify some things about the NUC.


                                    When NUC’s were designed, they had to meet low heat and lower power specifications, this needs to be considered when put to work with 3rd party products. Intel has tried to make the NUC compatible with as many other products as possible and still maintain the compact design, but we cannot guarantee all 3rd party products are going to work, especially since other manufactures have to make their own adjustments as well.


                                      So, the issue that you are experiencing seems to be with the HDMI handshake, the receiver simply does not detect the signal initially from the NUC; this may be due to lower power coming from the NUC HDMI as compared to the other computer that you are using. For this matter, I would appreciate if you can give me more details about the other computer so I can compare the power specifications.


                                    This may be resolved by a firmware update from the Cambridge audio, please check with them for updates and check to see if they address HDMI handshake issues.


                                    Can I also have the links to these specialized forums so that we can see what is being discussed? In the past, customers had reported issues with other receivers like Denon* and Onkyo* and these issues were resolved with firmware updates from the Manufacturer.

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