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    Super I/O overheating 125°C


      I bought my PC a year back, it configuration is

      Core i7 4770

      2*8GB 1600Mhz crosair RAM

      Zotac nvidia gtx 760 GPU

      DH87MC motherboard

      2TB HDD

      UMAX 700W PSU

      The problem is that the Super I/O is overheating and its temperature is over the threshold. The temperature of Super I/O is 125°C. I checked this in Intel desktop utilities and also in virtual BIOS.

      PC all of a sudden got powered off and then it didn't boot up at all not even BIOS. If I press the power button the PC powers ON for about 3 seconds and then gets switched off. And so I opened the CPU cabin and noticed that there were two LEDs ON, RED and GREEN. The Red one is for POWER FAULT. I removed the power cable and after sometime I put it back. And that RED LED is OFF. After that the desktop utilities popped up and showed me about the super I/O. How to solve this problem. The PC boots and works but I have noticed its performance is reduced at least by 25%. Please help