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    Unable to run data migration software with 730 SSD


      I have just installed an Intel 730 SSD (240GB), and when I try to run Intel's Data Migration software, it fails to load, giving an error message that states "obsolete drivers" have been detected on my system.  I have tried the following:


      -Updating with Intel's Driver Update utility.  It does not find any drivers to update.

      -Updating drive firmware with Intel's SSD Toolbox, v3.2.3.  It states that firmware is up to date.

      -Updating drivers via Device Manager.  No updated drivers found.

      -Updating all chipset drivers my motherboard, including SATA controller drivers.  Problem still exists after latest versions have been installed.

      -Problem also persists regardless of whether I have the drive formatted or not.


      The drive is recognized in Windows and can be seen and manipulated in control panel>Administrative Tools>Computer Management>Disk Management.