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    s5000psl will not boot, status led solid green/amber


      I just bought a used intel s5000psl from ebay, it was just the bare board with 2 xeon 5140 and 4gb of ram. Ive got a 680w atx power supply plugged upto the board, it didnt come with a case/rack so i just made a makeshift case out of the cardboard box for testing, i found the technical product spec and found that the power button pins are 11 and 13 on the panel connector so i hooked up a button to those but when i click it when the status led is solid green nothing happens, the cpu and system fans never start up and neither does the fan on the psu.

      When i plug in the psu the blue led comes on then the status led is solid green with amber blinking then its just solid green for a bout a minute, then both the green and amber are solid.


      any info on why im not getting anything from this board would be greatly appreciated.

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          There are onboard LEDs and front panel LEDs. Some chassis even have back panel LEDs. You need to make it clear.


          Certain boards are stock boards, but certain boards are made slightly differently for the type of chassis the board is in. I have the S3420GPLX board and the front panel connectors are different from the technical manual. All the jumpers and other settings should be printed on the chassis side panel. But you do not have it.


          In order to boot, you need a good board, power supply, CPUs and RAMs. That is a large board and I do not think the 4 GB RAM was the original configuration. Check the RAM specification and make sure the DIMMs are supported. Most of the XEONs require RDIMMs. And certain RAM slots should be filled first.


          With all the above, you'll need to figure out the power switch button. This is very important since you do not want to connect the wrong pins....

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            The board did not come with a chassis and i do not currently have it in one, the LED's i was talking about are the onboard system ID, and status LED's labeled in the picture below as A and BBoard1.png


            since there is no chassis i dont have front or back panels connected to it as i said in the first post, all i have is a button connected to the pwr_btn and pwr_ground pins. I wanted to test the board to make sure its working before i buy a chassis for it.


            The ram is 2 sticks of this


            and its on the supported/tested memory sheet , and they are correctly place in the board.


            and the board is labeled as a CPU-S5000SL(A) as shown here


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              Ugh go figure , the 8pin cpu power cable had the 12v+ and ground flipped , i switched the pins and it booted right up , ill start a new thread if i need more help. thank you.

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                This is odd. You lucky the board was not fried. Good luck...