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    HD 4000 only "multich" in display receiver not "DTS HD-MA"


      I run a intel with a build in HD4000 chip. I use the hdmi to connect to my onkyo receiver, wich is dts hd-master compatible. In the driver (downloaded today from intel, i can setup the driver for use of 7.1 channels. If i play a movie, the receiver displays "Multich". When i use a blue ray player, it says "dts hd-master". The quality of the soud is great, so probably it is correct, but i would like the receiver to show "DTS HD-MASTER" in stead o f "multichannel".


      How can i fix that? I think that i will have something to do with audio passtrough. But i can not choose passtrough in the driver.


      pleas help me.