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    Intel HD 4000 serious gradient banding with HDMI


      Recently I bought a new monitor (ViewSonic VX2363SMHL-W) for my laptop (Samsung NP510R5E-S02RU). Everything was fine, except of serious banding which appears in every gradient and sometimes with noticeable flickering (even my laptop's TN panel performs better here). I thought it was my monitor's problem, but then I connected it via VGA and the problem was gone! Then I decided that HDMI cabel is defective and tried another cabel, but it didn't work as well. So, GPU (Intel HD 4000) is causing this problem. I would have stopped with VGA, but it leads (obviously) to some loss of quality (e.g. text is blurry) which is even worse. I have latest drivers that Samsung can offer.


      After some research I found out that this is a known issue (HD4000 hdmi Black level not black enough. Gradient Banding too). I wonder if it was fixed already and what I should do to get it work properly? 'Cause this is REALLY annoying


      Attached a screenshot to provide some clarity in my words.

      P.S: Sorry for my English just in case.