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    HD 4600 Mobile Can't use External Display Native Resolution 1920X1200




      I have a laptop with

      an i7-4710MQ;

      Intel HD 4600 on board-graphics,

      and GeForce GTX860M GPU.

      Running Windows 8.1

      The native resolution for the LAPTOP PANEL is 1920X1080.


      Here's my problem: I just purchased a Dell U2412M external monitor which has a Native Resolution of 1920X1200. However, I can't get it to display in that resolution and my screen is slightly fuzzy to boot, enough to hurt the eyes and likely due to my resolution problem. I have options for 1600x1200; 1680x1050; 1920x1080; and 2048x1152 but no 1920x1200.


      I have updated the Intel HD4600 with the latest drivers. I am connected via VGA (which is my only external option between this laptop and that monitor. i.e. no DVI or Displayport connectors on the Laptop; no HDMI connector on the monitor). I have had some issue with the laptop recognizing the Dell U2412M as "Generic PNP" or "Def Plug and Play Monitor - Default_Monitor" so updating the drivers there has been an issue, but I have been able to force the U2412M analog drivers to load.


      At this point I'm guessing there's some issue with the HD 4600 not giving me the correct display options. Can anyone please help?? I have been working on this and researching for a few hours and I'm at a loss.


      Thank you.


      -Seth G