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    Using NUC as a workstation.  How good is it?


      Hi will this system be suitable for the following task?


      The host OS will be linux (likely Ubuntu).


      1) run up to five (5) VM's simultaneously 2G each (will be using mainly browsers in them)

      2) Run dual monitors

      3) play a few games (Tremulous, Age of Empires)

      4) generic computer stuff (email, browsing, word processing, personal accounting etc)

      5) Software development / Programming


      Most important is #1 and #2. 


      Does this have those virtual extensions like VT-x and will it allow running of 64-bit VMs?


      Thanks in advance!

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          My personal experience:


          Running VMs, no problem.  As long as the VMs are not CPU heavy

          Run dual monitors: as long as you pick the correct NUC model, check the maximum resolution supported for multiple display.  (Intel® NUC — Setting Up Multiple Displays) For the new NUCs that just came out this year you can check the tech spec of each to figure out what resolution they support (Intel® NUC — Technical Specifications)  Different NUC has different display connectors, some has only 1 HDMI output, some has 1 mini DP + 1 HDMI, some has dual mini DP.  If your monitors do not have a mini DP or DP connector then you could face an issue if your monitor has higher than FHD resolution (requires active DP to DVI dongle, ~ $100) otherwise you can use passive DP -> DVI dongle (~$5)

          Play games: If monitor is not high resolution (above FHD) light games should be OK

          Generic computer stuff: no problem

          Programming: no problem


          Basically, NUC can do everything a decent laptop can do.  It is essentially a laptop without a screen and packed into a tiny square box.


          Please refer to the tech spec for the specific model you are interested in buying to confirm below:

          VT-x: I think all of them support it.

          VT-d: the cheapest one based on Celeron does not support it, maybe i3 as well, all other NUCs should support it

          64 bit: all NUCs support that, I think.


          If you are looking for NUCs with dual mini-DP, there are only two models that I know of:

          Ivy Bridge: DC53427HYE

          Haswell: none

          Broadwell: NUC5I5MYBE