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    Internet connection down every 20 mins


      Hello, everyone


      Today I asked my ISP to configure my modem/router as a bridge, and then connected a TL-WR541G (TP-LINK) router to manage ports and such.


      Since then, after every 20 minutes Internet access goes down, I'm still connected (apparently) to the network, but with the exclamation mark and the legend: "No internet access" or "No network access". The only solution to this is to unplug the power supply, wait 10 seconds and plug it again. After that, Internet access is back. This generally happens every 20 mins, but it has lasted up to 1 hour with good connectivity before it goes down again.


      The router has DHCP enabled, but I have a surveillance ip camera with an IP fixed to its MAC address (in order to let the port open correctly every time I reset the camera). The DHCP range, of course, doesn't include the ip fixed to the camera. Even so, I got a "two devices with the same IP" error a couple of times, even when this wasn't happening according to the connected devices list in the router configuration.



      Modem: Motorola SBG901

      Router: TL-WR541G

      Connected devices: notebook (DELL Inspiron N4110, Windows 7), surveillance camera (TL-SC3171G), desktop PC, Tablet, 2 smartphones, Smart TV.



      If any log or other information is required, please let me know.

      Any help will be much appreciated.


      Thanks in advance.