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    two RAID 0 systems with DP45SG


      good night people


      I have the following question:


      On my system I have two disks in RAID 0, that installed the system MS Windows 7 x64. Can I install another set of disks in RAID 0 in my files?



      2 x HD 320GB - RAID 0 (System MS Windows 7 x64 and programs)
      2 x HD 500GB - RAID 0 (Footage Work)

      Is it possible? In theory I know that yes, in practice it all works as it should be?

      If someone has already tested, please tell me something.

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          Hello Damien,


          Yes it is possible, i did this on a DQ45CB, both boards use Intel Matrix Storage Manager, so it should be alright as well.


          I tried several configurations:

          like raid0, raid 1, raid 5, raid 10 etc.


          Your configuration works fine for sure.


          You will need to select the appropriate disk when creating the raid.


          If you need help how to do it




          Install Intel Storage Matrix Manager utility later. It will be very useful.



          All the best,