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    WiFi performance drops when motor shield is connected.




      I have a Edison with the Arduino board and the DK Electronics Motor Shield v1 (a clone of the Adafruit shield). I wrote a program in C/C++ that listens to socket connections to control 2 DC motors with an Android app.

      I have two separate power sources: 4 AA batteries for the 2 motors, and usb for the edison (I've removed the shield's power jumper as indicated in the manual).


      The problem is: when I try the socket connections without the shield plugged (only receiving strings and printing them in console) it works like a charm. But when I plug the shield the WiFi connection  starts to lag several seconds (ssh connection too).


      I've tried to turn off power management with "iwconfig wlan0 power off" and disabling the network-gadget-init.service but there is no significant improvement.

      Ping values are within 500 ms and 3000 ms (when the package is not lost).


      Any ideas on why is this happening?


      Thanks in advance for any help!