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    Edison - 3D Controller Bot


      Last weekend we gave a demo on how to run and expand a 3D printer using the Intel Edison on Hackster.io


      Full link to project 3D Controller Bot - Hackster.io


      The Problem: Current smaller format 3-D printers are limited in their functionality and process controls to allow them to be as efficient as possible while producing the highest quality product.


      By integrating the Edison® board into our custom built printer we can now address limitations that current manufacturers of the printer are not addressing.


      The Edison board allows us to now integrate multiple process controls over a single platform.


      This allows us to add additional components to the system that can greatly increase performance and quality.


      The traditional line diagram for a printer looks like this, which is also what ours looked like until today.


      By adding the Edison we can now integrate additional fans, temperature sensors and motor controls that will allow us to program control protocols in the software making it possible to create a very user friendly device that produces a consistent and high quality product seamlessly.






      Edison essentially has allowed us to make a “smart” 3-D printer with a more dynamic mind which allows us to greatly expand the capabilities of the user.



      Edison allows for massive scalability, which makes the evolution of this technology unlimited. Now process functions can be mapped and optimized. Motors, temperature and application speed can be calibrated based upon the application and controlled within the code which can constantly evolve. Devices can now be programmed with protocols that allow for precise optimization of controls. By utilizing Edison even functions unforeseen today have room to be added on in the future.



      With the Intel Edison 3D printer data can be collected. This data can be stored in Microsoft Windows & SQL Azure. We can also begin to predict better and faster prints. By connecting 3D printing to the cloud the limits are endless sending 3D models to our friends and families printers.



      It has been our team's pleasure to introduce Edison to 3-D Printing.