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    Intel S3210SH Front Header question.

      I have been using a workstation motherboard as my primary server for a few years and bought the Intel S3210SH as a replacement because I am tired of the onboard nVidia RAID killing my hard drives. I am ready to put the computer together but hit a snag. The new Intel board has a 24 pin header and my current case doesn't have the connector but does have the standard connectors found on most desktops. I cannot afford to buy a new case at this time and need to find the information to connect at least the power switch to this board. I have tried searching Intel's site and I have tried using Google and cannot find any information other than the pinout provided in the manual which I am not able to understand. I really need to get this server online ASAP as it runs the domain for my business and I already lost the old server to hardware failure. Any help would be appreciated.