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    82567lm nic - vlan setup


      I'm running windows xp sp3 on a hp elitebook 8530p.  I installed the latest intel nic drivers/software, and setup 5 vlans, one of which is untagged.


      The untagged vlan is running fine.  The other vlans, ones that are tagged, are not running so fine.  I'm connected to an HP 2810 switch, which has all the vlans configured on my port properly.


      I've run wireshark on the computer with the issues.  I've monitored both the vlan virtual nic, and the 'main' hardware nic.  The capture on the vlan nic shows it capturing outgoing traffic, but that's it.  And the only outgoing traffic is ARP requests.  The capture on the main nic reveals that replies are coming in (arp replies).  However, my ping requests go unanswered.


      As a note, I have VMServer running on this computer, which is the main reason I wanted to use the vlans.


      I did have the vlans working a day or two ago, but don't use them much on the 'host' OS.  Pings were working though.


      I have symanetec endpiont on my laptop, and I turned it, and the windows firewall off.


      Does anyone have any advice or suggestions?


      Also, while using wireshark to capture I noticed there were no vlan tags in the packets.  I found this link and followed the registry hack to try to get them to appear but I couldn't get it to work:  http://www.intel.com/support/network/sb/CS-005897.htm.