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    Knowledge needed


      I am using an older board [D945PSN, 533 FSB, CPU Intel P4 516, 2.93Ghz, 1mb cache, 533 FSB] in a system that I built 3.5yrs ago. It has run well for me. Recently I removed a PCI IDE controler card, installed a new SATA hard drive and upgraded my memory from 3gig [(2) Ultra DDR2, 1024mb, PC2-4200, 533mhz...(2) Ultra DDR2, 512mb, PC2-4200, 533mhz] to 4gig [(4) Ultra DDR2, 1024mb, PC2-4200, 533mhz]. Upon installing the memory my system started to reboot a will. Checked the memory and all checked good. THEN I made a bad call.... I updated the bios to the lastest version and the chipset as well. Long story short, I had a video card that was going bad.


      The system is up and running BUT my DIMM configuration has changed. NOW when I install my single channel memory in DIMM 0, A & B channels, the system functions fine. IF I install a memory stick in either of the  DIMM 1 channels, my bios memory mode switches to Dual Channel mode and recognizes only the original 2gig in the DIMM 0 slots. At that point Windows XP Pro will not open.


      My questions:

         (1) I am assuming that there is no return to the orginal bios or chipset installs?

         (2) I suspect that the CPU I have installed probably will not support new, Dual Channel Memory?


      I am a photographer and memory is important with my PhotoShop work. A board upgrade is planned for late next year, but I need a functioning computer till then. All or any help would be greatly appreciated.


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