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    x58so hard drive not found issue SOLVED


      Hi Guys,


      I've recently finished my i7 build and was having a horrible time getting the **** thing to post correctly. The first issue was that I would keep on getting the Controller 1 no hard drive is found error (i don't remember the exact words). After going into bios and turning of esata, i removed that error but i would be in a "press Y to go into bios press N to try to post" loop. I then took out the battery and reset bios that way, but alas this time i was greeted by a blank screen and absolutely nothing else. I spoke to an intel guy and he said that i would most likely have to RMA the thing. 

      SOLUTION - You'll need access to another machine with internet for this. I grabbed my usb flash drive, downloaded on it the latest bios .bio file, and flashed the bios in recovery mode. THAT WORKED       Hope it helps someone here.