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    Using Galileo as bare metal system


      Hi ,


      I want to use the galileo as bare metal system . Means , there will not be any operating system over the system  rather  we will be directly writing the firmware over  it .

      I have few queries about which i need some clarifcation :


      1) What kind of challenges that can come while developing the firmware for the system , how simple it is or feasible it is .


      2) My intent is to use some of the peripherals/buses exposed over the Galileo boards , are the standard device drivers available  for the all the peripherals so i can incorporate in my application  . Where i can get those driver from ?


      3) What about the toolchain  , using which i can use to build  or cross compile my c program  and output can be directly burned over the Flash .


      4) What is the tool using which i can program the output file and debug the application .


      Kindly suggest .