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    D101GGC and 945GCPE - not booting


      hey guys,


      I really hope that someone can help me here.

      Here's my issue


      I have 2 different Intel motherboards that share the exact same problem, neither one of them boots properly

      Intel D101GGC and Intel D945GCPE

      they were working fine for 2 and 3 years. all of a sudden, they decided not to boot anymore.

      Tried changing the psu - nada

      tried changing the ram - nada

      tried changing the hdd - nada


      Each system was stripped down to its bare graphics onboard and still - nada.

      I was I could upgade the BIOS, but can't even get in to do that


      Both systems seem to want to start at first, but dies out and the only light we see if the green led on the motherboard

      So, if anyone can help....please, I don't know what to do anymore