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    Will the intel 750 1.2 TB 2.5 inch format drive work with my ASUS x99-ws motherboard?




      I have a couple of questions. I have the following ASUS motherboard:


      Server & Workstations | X99-E WS | ASUS USA


      I want to purchase the new intel 750 1.2 TB 2.5 inch drive. I currently have quad SLI Titan X installed. My M.2 slot is under the GPUs. This works OK for my current M.2 SSD but the connector pcb that converts between the M.2 interface and the pinout on the drive itself seems to protrude upwards and I don't think it will fit.


      1. Is there some other connector that will have the same profile of a standard M.2 SSD?

      2. If my M.2 slot has only 2 PCIe lanes does that mean that I will only see one half of the performance on this drive?