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    CPU Upgrade info needed


      I have an HP Pavilion Slimeline Desktop, model s5-1010. It has an Eton H-I41-uATX MB, with m775 CPU Socket.

      The CPU is an Intel Pentium Dual-Core E6700 operating at 3.20 GHz/3.20 GHz, with 3.00 GB of PC3-10600 (DDR3 -1333) memory.

      I am trying to find out if I can speed up my PC with a faster CPU and Memory, using the same motherboard. My problem is that while I have purchased parts and replaced them in many PC's over the years, I do not understand the numbers, or speak computer tech. I am hoping there are some techs or PC aficionados here that can tell me in simple language if I can do this, and also advise me as to which type of CPU I can replace mine with and also if there is faster memory I can replace mine with. If I can do this, I will probably be posting again with similar questions for an HP PAVILION 17.5" Model 15-089NR that my son has. Keeping my fingers crossed!

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          JP56, the Intel® Processor Pentium Dual Core CPU E6700 has a Thermal Design Power (TDP) of 65W. You can only replace it with a processor of the same 65W TPD or lower, if using the same cooling solution (fan/heatsink).

          In order for you to use a 95W TDP processor you will need to make sure your heatsink is designed for such TDP or get the appropriate one.

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            joe_intel, Thanks for that info. It seems that you may have narrowed down my options by mentioning that 95W TDP processor, as I have been clueless with all these numbers, names and PC tech jargon in general. While Al_Hill's info made a great attempt at narrowing things down for me it really didn't help much, because I had already tried, then went back and tried the ark site he referred to in his reply, and had no luck in finding anything I typed into their search engine. It didn't seem to understand any of the xx's in any of the numbers I posted here as showing from my build specs, or by the names of the processors either. What little I did find just made no sense to me at all. So, in keeping with your advice, I now need to ask, do you know if the Lower wattage CPU's are faster, or are the Higher wattage CPU's faster? Am I correct in just assuming that if/when I make a selection and purchase of a CPU, I just make sure to buy it with the correct fan/heatsink to go with it, possibly as a bundle? Thanks for the advice so far and any more you may be able to provide me with, and also to you Al_Hill

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              Actually, let me correct myself; Intel® Desktop Processors come with a fan/heatsink. You will only need to pay attention if the power supply is not good enough for the extra 30 W or if the chassis is too narrow (low profile) for 95 W heatsink.

              Usually higher wattage processors are faster but this is not always the case.  These are the processor families you mentioned above: