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    82567lm nic - vlan setup with vmserver 2.01


      I recently upgraded my hp nc8240 to an elitebook 8530p, whcih has the intel 82567lm nic.  The 8240 had a realtek nic, which allowed vlans, but only worked soso.  I'm running xp pro, 32-bit/  I installed the latest driver / software for the 82567lm, and setup the vlans.  The vlans work fine locally.  However, in vmserver the guest OSs can't communicate on the guest nics bridged to host vlan nics using tagged vlans.  They CAN communicate on the untagged vlan.


      Does anyone have any advice or suggestions (or konw if this SHOULD / DOES work elsewhere)?  I don't know how VMWare does the bridging, but I suspect the use the nics in some type of promiscuous mode where vmware has full access to the nic, and I'm wondering if the vlan nics using taggs are having problems with that.


      As a note, on my 'core' nic, the 'physical' nic, I disabled all services execpt the Intel Advanced Services Protocol.