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    HD 4600 4K monitor issue: Windows initially boots with black screen...


      I recently purchased a new Philips BDM4065UC 40-in 4K monitor for my Windows 8.1-64 system (Asus Z87I-deluex with core i7-4771 utilizing onboard HD 4600 graphics).  The monitor fully supports DisplayPort 1.2 SST-UHD resolution at 60hz.  Normally the 4K picture and performance at 60hz is fantastic and without problems.  However, I'm experiencing the following isolated issues:

      1. Whenever I reboot my system, I no longer see the windows boot screen.  Instead a black screen appears and then finally after a long pause I see the normal Windows 8.1 log-in screen.  I'm also unable to boot to my Asus UEFI bios screen.  This issue happens only when the monitor is connected with the motherboard's built-in DisplayPort.  If I unplug the DisplayPort cable and use the built-in HDMI 1.4 connection (4K @ 30hz) instead, and the boot screens are shown correctly. At least there is a workaround so I can get to my BIOS if need be - but this is frustrating.
      2. Also, 1-5 minutes after my Windows system resumes from sleep, my screen blanks for about 7 seconds and then reappears with any open desktop windows repositioned.   Then all is normal until the next time I put the system into sleep/standby. Again very frustrating.


      Other than this I'm loving my new 4K experience. I'm using the latest Intel win64_v15. graphics drivers and I also had the same issues with the previously released drivers.

      Edit: I also recently updated my ASUS motherboard BIOS to the latest revision 12.02, which did not resolve the above issues.


      Can anyone (from Intel) help me resolve this?  Are these known issues?

      Thanks in advance for any insights and resolutions here   -JT