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    Pushing Data to IoT Analytics Dashboard (Arduino IDE)


      Hi Everyone,


      I am pretty new to all of this and have been following this Instructables link in order to get familiar with the IoT analytics dashboard.

      All of the steps have gone smoothly for me but I am having trouble with the Arduino Code. I can verify and upload it but data points are not showing up on my charts.


      I am using this code and get the following message upon upload:


      #mv the downloaded file to /sketch/sketch.elf


      Moving downloaded file to /sketch/sketch.elf on target

      echo "Moving downloaded file to /sketch/sketch.elf on target"

      #$fixed_path/lsz.exe --escape -c "cp sketch /sketch/sketch.elf" <> $tty_port_id 1>&0

      $fixed_path/lsz.exe --escape -c "mv $target_download_name /sketch/sketch.elf; chmod +x /sketch/sketch.elf" <> $tty_port_id 1>&0


      Transfer complete



      If anyone has any help to offer, I would appreciate it!