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    HD Graphics 4400-Asus VivoMini UN62: Resolution/Alignment Problem


      I have an Intel HD Graphics 4400 in my Asus VivoMini UN62 (Win7Pro-8GigMem) with driver rev installed. Monitors are dual LG L246WP HDMI with native res 1920x1200.


      When I use the Intel HD Graphics Control Panel to select 1920x1220 for the display, the

      desktop is pushed off the left of the monitor making it impossible to see/use the Windows

      START button.


      If I dial the resolution back to 1024x768 and set "Maintain Display Scaling",

      I can get the entire desktop to show and align with the edges of the monitor display area

      .. but that throws away two thirds of the desktop work area.


      I have tried the LG monitor settings, but there are no adjustments there that I can find

      that help.


      QUESTION:  Am I missing something here or do I have a hardware failure? (I have image

      captures of this if that will help.)


      I am at a dead end here after two days of digging/experimenting and would really appreciate

      any help to get an understanding and resolution to the problem.




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          Hello  bcavender,


          Our Intel® Graphics Controller HD 4400 can go up 4096 x 2304 as maximum resolution (depending on hardware used). Checking the specifications of the device, I do not see any resolution limitation but checking the monitor specifications it seems the maximum resolution is 1920x1200.


          Here you can check the information:



          So I would say the issue is not on Intel® HD graphics controller but a monitor limitation.


          Kevin M

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            Thank you for your response.


            I agree. The HD4400 chipset is awesome. In my case though, 1920x1200 is the target resolution with the LG246 Monitor & Asus VivoMini UN62. I am not trying to go higher in resolution than that. 


            Take a look at the boundaries of the desktop in this photo. Note that the desktop is significantly offset beyond the left side of the monitor at 1920x1200 to where the desktop START button does not show.



            If you look at the bottom right of the photo, you can also see that there is a good portion of the monitor that is unused. At first, I thought I had a monitor failure, but swapping the other similar LG monitor on the same computer port gives the same result. A further test of both LG monitors with the HDMI output of a separate notebook confirmed that both monitors perform properly at 1920x1200.

            Video quality is perfect, but the desktop output by the Asus VivoMini UN62 is offset to the left. It is like a significant chunk of the leftmost video ram in the Asus is just not in the game.

            Every resolution setting on the Asus Box (except for 1024x768) misaligns the desktop and monitor edges.

            If there is no way to counteract this offset, I have to presume the Asus hardware or implementation must be bad?

            What do you think?

            Thanks for your assistance!

            Best regards,


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              Hello bcavender,


              Well, honestly I have not seen this problem in our NUCs. Have you tried playing with the Scaling options? Maybe different resolutions?


              Kevin m

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                Yes the scaling helped, but couldn't fully line the edges up.


                It is definitely a hardware issue.  After running for several days the video will not start up on its own and bring the LG monitor out of sleep mode.


                RMA Time!


                Thanks for your help!



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                  Hi bcavender


                  Does the LG display have an auto adjust function in the display setup menu? Also, are you using high quality HDMI 2.1 or greater cables? And finally, do you have the device driver for the LG display installed available here: LG L246WP Support: Find Manuals & Warranty Info | LG USA




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                    I finally received the Asus i5 UN62 swap out from NewEgg, but the screen offset problem is still there with the replacement unit. So the offset problem was not a one-off hardware failure issue with the first Asus i5 box.


                    To address your last suggestions, the LG246 monitor has an Auto Configure option, but it is greyed-out when HDMI input is selected. I believe it is only for VGA/DVI adjustment.  It did have an HDMI setting that was labeled "PC" or "Video".  It was set on PC so I tried the other.  Selecting this option actually centered the image in the monitor space and at 1920x1080 I was able to use the Intel HD Graphics Control Panel to tweak the edges to match the monitor's working area using "Customize Aspect Ratio".  However, when I tried to up the resolution to the LG native 1920x1200, the desktop again skewed off to the left of the monitor leaving a big blank area on the right side of the monitor. At least that gets all pixels firing, but I am still unable to use the full resolution that both the chipset and LG monitor can perform to.


                    I downloaded the L246WP.zip file from LG, but it didn't contain driver software.  It did have (1) Security Catalog, (2) ICC Profile and (3) Setup Information.  I ran the driver update from Windows pointing at the directory to see if it would do anything with the files, but it just gave a message that the current driver was up to date.


                    Now on the cables, we might have something there.  Here are the two cables I have:


                    Coboc EA-HDAC-3-BK 3 ft. 28AWG Stranded Tinned Copper 18Gbps High Speed HDMI Cable with Ethernet w/Ferrite Cores,Black,M-M - Ultra HDTV 4K x 2K & 3D Compatible - 4096x2160P@60Hz



                    Coboc CL-AD-DP2HD-6-BK 6 inch Dongle-style DisplayPort to HDMI® Passive Adatper Converter,Gold Plated,Black -DP to HDMI - 1920 x 1080 Resolution



                    The ASUS UN62 has two video ports. One is a HDMI , the other is a DisplayPort. The first cable above is used to drive HDMI from the Asus to a LG monitor and the second dongle to adapt the Displayport to the other HDMI LG monitor.  On review, the first is capable of UltraHD 4k so likely that is above 2.1 capable.  The Displayport adapter does note that 1080 is the highest resolution supported.  So it looks like I need to replace that with a 2.1 compatible adapter.


                    Hoping to determine that the dongle adapter was causing the issue, I shut the system down, removed the DisplayPort adapter entirely and rebooted with only the UltraHD HDMI cable driving one LG monitor. Unfortunately, with only the UltraHD cable in place, the same offset problem exists when I try to set the screen resolution to 1920 x 1200.


                    That's a little bit of progress, but I still have a problem floating around. I will look for a 1200 res capable DisplayPort adapter to try.


                    Any further ideas for things to try?


                    Best regards,