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    DZ77RE-75K SATA Port Failing


      Hello to all.  This is my first post.  Hopefully my last - nothing personal.  I have an DZ77RE-75K with an I7 6 core processor.  This thing rocks!  I use it for videography, and some personal stuff. A few week ago, it seemed to have crash on me, but then it booted back up.  Yesterday, (or was it the day b4) it just stopped loading Windows 7.  After some investigating, I've found that SATA 'blue' 6.0Gb port is failing.


      I mean, I got the system back up running again, and fortunately I only need one port for my DVD drive (which I can swipe the dble system cables for), but now I'm using a slower port for my system.  Either my apps loss the 6 Gb port or the system drive loses.

      Has anyone experienced this before?