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    Interupts In Arduino IDE, And Atom Datasheet


      This is a two part question:


      In the original Arduino IDE, it is possible to use Atmel programmig language when dealing with interupts, counter timers and ports. Are these things possible for the edison on the Intel-Arduino IDE?


      An example using


      void setup()
        DDRC = 255;                            // sets up the 8 bits of port C
      void loop()
        TCCR5B = (1 << WGM52) | (1 << CS50);   // clear timer on compare (CTC), no prescaling, reset timer after <OCR5A> cycles
        OCR5A = 16000000 / 44100;              // interrupt happens every 363 processor ticks (at 44100 hz in this case)
        TIMSK5 = (1 << OCIE5A);                // enable interrupt on
      ISR(TIMER5_COMPA_vect)                   // this is what happens when the timer reaches the designated value
        PORTC = someNumber;                    // outputs an 8 bit number to port C


      If this is possible, does anyone know which Intel Atom processor it is onboard the Edison so I can have a gander through the datasheet? Also if anyone knows of any tutorials for doing this sort of thing on the edison, please also let me know.