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    HD playback with Intel HD 3000 graphics adaptor




      I have an Acer S3 391;


      2nd gen i5

      4gb ram

      256 ssd

      Intel HD 3000 graphics

      Realtek HD audio


      I had to reload the OS as for some reason it got stuck in a Start Up Repair infinite loop, couldn't even boot in safe mode. I downloaded an Windows 7 Home Premium 64 ISO from a digital river mirror site, used to be the official supplier of Windows ISOs.


      Installed that, installed every single driver from the Acer support website and everything seems to be working ok. However whenever I'm playing back HD video, i'll get 4-10 minutes into the file and then VLC or WMD will cut out; audio and picture goes but the time counter continues. The picture then comes back in after a few seconds but is stuttery and jumpy. Also I've seen the CPU usage shoot up to 95%+, which i'm pretty sure it didn't do previously. It's almost like the Intel HD 3000 Graphics adapter is not being engaged at all...


      So far i've tried;

      Redownloading and installing all drivers, including ones from intel for the graphics chip.

      Adjusting various options in vlc - file cache etc.

      Installing new codecs from cccp


      Also prior to the fresh OS install the laptop could play HD videos fine, so I know the hardware/ previous config is capable of playing them.


      Are there any things you guys could recommend to try?