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    Processor upgrade?


      Vido Recorder customer wants us to upgrade processors on HP DL380 server to Core 2 Duo E8400 3.0GHZ 6MB L2Cache 1333 GHz FSB processor.  Our server has

      2 Quad Core Intel Xeon 2.83 ghz processors E5440 12mb L2Cache 1333 mhz in one box.  Would we need to upgrade.  Seems to me that these processors would be more than sufficient.

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          I can't see nay benefits upgrading from 2 E5440 to 2 e8400. If anything i would think oyu will loose perfomance, you are halfing your cores and ok gainning a tiny bit of raw speed. Personally i can't see the point. Unless there is a veryspecific reason that you want the e8400? usch as an instruction set or soemthing?

          I would aslo say that in the long run i would think the e5440 would be more reliable, I have no proof to back this up though.