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    Does it make sense to use the new Samsung SM951 M.2 SSD with the i7 and / or the i5 NUC?


      Considering replacing my current desktop system with a NUC. My current system is an i7-4771, ASUS Z-87 PRO, ASUS GeForce GTX 650 Graphics, Samsung 840 EVO SSD with 16 GB of DDR3 RAM. I know the new system won't be as fast as my current system, but space considerations dictate a change.


      Plan to also install 16 GB of 1866 RAM in the i7 or 16 GB 1600 RAM in the i-5 (I understand the i7 will utilize the 1866 RAM, but that the i5 is limited to 1600 RAM). I want to have as fast a system as possible, but don't want to spend extra $ on the SM951 if another part of the system is a bottleneck that will limit the perceived system speed regardless of the SSD


      I'm not a gamer, but do some heavy-duty excel macros. Any opinions on my planned system configuration?



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