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    NUC5i5RYH poor WiFi performance


      I have been having problems with my NUC5i5RYH when streaming content from my HD HomeRun.  It glitches and is choppy occasionally.  Also sometimes Netflix seems like it is very low frames per second and choppy motion.  This is over a 50mb/s cable modem. The 2.4ghz band works much better than the 5ghz band so I usually try to connect that way, but even that drops connection occasionally.  I had pre-ordered a NUC5i7RYH because I thought it was just CPU bound or something when streaming - turns out, it's not so.  I just discovered last night that a cheap usb wireless N network card works flawlessly.  Streaming HD content smoothly and perfectly from multiple sources.  My question is - if I want to use the onboard wifi, am I out of luck?  Is it a bad unit?  Or is this normal for this?  I'm in the same room as the wireless router - about 13 feet away.  The USB port I use for the wifi is the only open USB port on my unit now and I really don't want to give it up for this.  Any tips or troubleshooting would be welcome.

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          A little more info perhaps needed: router model, WiFi mode (AC or N), observed link speeds and signal strength, etc. (run 'netsh wlan show all' command). You might try the usual trouble-shooting of changing WiFI channels in case of local congestion or interference.


          I have a (probably unrelated) problem where the adapter drops from AC to N on resume from sleep that is only fixed if the power saving options are switched off on the Power Management tab of the adapter - so perhaps you could try that too.

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            Router Model is Netgear R6200.  Dual Band - Dual Radio.  AC and N.  As stated above, it is worse in 5ghz (AC) mode than in 2.4ghz (N) mode.


            When in N, shows full 300mb/s.  When in AC, shows 867mb/s.  Full signal strength. (99%).


            I've disabled all power saving options on Nics and USB ports as a matter of course - I always do this when I build a machine.


            I suppose I could change WiFi channels, but again, it works fine with a USB "Bolse" $5 wireless N adapter I had kicking around.  No other changes were made - just plugged that in and it works flawlessly.


            Thank you for your suggestions!

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              When trouble-shooting my resume problem, the Intel engineers suggested toggling WMM APSD settings on both router and adapter (Advanced tab) to see if it made a difference, so I guess you could try the same. They're apparently working on a fix, so perhaps you may see better performance in a future update.


              FWIW, I have none of your problems streaming over local network or beyond, everything's smooth here on Win 8.1.

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                Interesting.  I'll check for that setting and hope for the best.  For the time being I'm quite happy that a simple usb adapter fixed my problem, but I'd really like to reclaim that USB port and correct the issue with the onboard.

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                  Perhaps you should also check on strength of the signal and the signal quality witch is actually even more important with a program like netstumbler. You need to have WMM and wpa2 encryption. It aint logic 5ghz works worse then 2.4 can only be if the distance or to many blockades.

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                    I am wpa2 - you're telling me I need WMM, the previous poster said I need to toggle WMM - it was on, so now I've turned it off and will test later.  The machine is in the same room as the router, approximately 13 feet away, as stated in the original post.  The fact remains, with all other settings being equal, the performance on a usb stick is rock solid, while the internal wifi is horrendous.


                    Thank you for your input!

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                      Seems I misspoke about speeds earlier.  I just checked now as it was glitching out and it is currently connecting at 54mb/s on both the N and AC bands.  I inserted my USB N wireless nic and that is getting a full 300.  Curiouser and curiouser...

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                        Uninstalled and reinstalled intel wireless drivers.  Still connecting at 54 on either band.  Updated to latest BIOS revision.  Still connecting at 54 on either band.  Really beginning to think this wireless nic has gone sour because it used to connect at 300 / 867 and nothing has changed.

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                          If I were you, I would check the antenna connection to the WiFi card.  Make sure both leads are connected firmly.  If external USB wifi stick can get a good data rate and the internal card cannot, antenna would be the first thing I suspect.


                          Separately, WMM is required if you want more than 54mbps. 

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                            Thought this unit was all soldered, but I'll check the leads.  I'm getting mixed answers about WMM.  Currently disabled but all my other connections are either 300mb/s or 867mb/sec depending on the nic card.

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                              Sure enough, enabling WMM on the Wireless in device manager, checking off "Intel Connection Manager" on both the 2.4ghz and 5ghz bands, and enabling WMM on the router (again) brought things back up to 300mb/s and 867mb/s.  Strange.  I'll see if it holds up and behaves as well as the usb nic going forward.  Thanks again for all the advice.

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                                For future reference, the reason WMM is required is the following:


                                802.11n requires 802.11e from a IEEE standard perspective.  802.11e contains QoS (Quality of Service) requirement.  802.11e QoS essentially means WMM must be "on".  Major wifi manufacturers (Cisco, Atheros even Netgear) follow this rule, but not everyone does.  You may see WMM disabled and certain device is still able to connect at N speed, that is not the standard behavior.  Cisco provides wireless access points for many commercial installations and their document states that 802.11N requires WMM.


                                Also you definitely want WMM if you are streaming Netflix --WMM is Wireless Multimedia, it is designed for performance of multimedia applications such as Netflix.  Sometimes I hear stories that routers with built in Wifi slows down with WMM enabled, that usually indicates that there is a firmware problem, or the router simply does not have enough processing power.


                                Glad you got speed back though.

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                                  This morning it the connection was dropped, and it will not connect to either network, even after a reboot.  Back to the usb nic.  I still think there's something wrong with my onboard

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                                    When you are unable to connect, how many bars do you get on the wifi signal?  If the signal seems weak then it could still be a loose antenna connection.