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    Heating problems with Dota 2 on DN2820FYK(H) using Ubuntu 14.10. Want better cooling


      When the unit starts getting overheated I can see in the game graphics an increasing number of artifacts. I've found no other way than to physically blow myself on the unit for to cool it and for the artifacts to disappear.

      Could I get any instructions on how to turn fans on permanently to full speed?(as long as it does not damage the unit)

      Noise is not problem for me. Actually my unit does so little noise that I often also get worried that it's overheating.


      My previous computer was a 4th Gen Intel Graphics and it had a huge fan, that made a lot of noise but I still enjoyed my gaming. If I want to play Dota 2 may I need an extra external fan to cool the unit down?

      Also the Free and Open Source game Minetest is a very graphics and resource-hungry game if you ever want to try a demanding game for the unit in your labs.