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    Intel Server RAID Matrix event notification


      Does anyone know if the Matrix Storage Console has the capability of notifying someone by email if there is a disk failure, or for that matter SMART predicts a failure?  Other RAID products like RocketRAID and Promise have utilities that notify an admin of errors/warnings, but I can't find a way to do this with Matrix RAID.

      Thanks, Chris

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          Hello Chris,


          I cannot find any settings for that as well. I assume that it is not available for Intel Matrix Storage Manager.



          The only thing that i can see is view system report. :-(


          Yes, other onboard raid controllers have software like Marvell Utility (D975XBX2, DX58SO) or RAID Web Console (S3200SH, S5000 family boards) that allow you to achieve this.


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            I did some more digging, it looks like there is some event notification via popup balloons, and the events are written to the Windows event log, but no SMTP notification


            Quote from the help file:

            The Event Monitor is a system service that is installed on the system with the Intel® Matrix Storage Manager application. When installed, this service is executed at user logon and runs in the background while the system is in use. The Event Monitor communicates with the Intel® Matrix Storage Manager driver, Intel® Matrix Storage Console, and the tray icon applet to ensure that the statuses of the three components are synchronized, and to provide event notifications. When an event occurs, the Event Monitor causes the system tray icon applet to show the Intel Matrix Storage Manager tray icon, which then shows a balloon message or dialog box describing the event. The event types that can trigger a notification include RAID volume state changes, a hard drive input/output (I/O) error, or a hard drive SMART event. When one of these events occurs, the Event Monitor logs the event in the NT Event Log and the Intel Matrix Storage Manager event log.



            Amazingly the Matrix Storage Manager 8.x User's manual has no mention of the Event Manager.


            I have installed Matrix RAID Storage Console ona  Windows 2008 R2 Server, which has a pair of mirrored drives.  From looking at the Task Manager Process list, I could see the Event Manager process was called "IANNTmon".  I went into Server Manager, Event Viewer, and created a custom view named "Intel Matirx RAID", and filtered all the events in the Application Log for "IANNTmon". The filter also automatically added the "iaStor" and "iaStorV", so they must be related.  Saved the filter, and voila! I can immediately see all events in the logs relating to the Matrix RAID monitoring.  Stil no SMTP notification, but at least I can look at the event log history.  I may add system log drive error notices to this filter as well, if I can figure out the error number or a keyword to search upon.


            Intel, here's a feature request:  Please add event notification via SMTP to the Intel Matrix RAID Storage Console.


            Thanks, Chris