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    D54250WYKH - Display Port chained displays sleep/hang issues




      before I start digging in system settings -


      I have two displays in DP chain connected to the NUC - Dell U2713H as first display and Dell U2711 as the last display in the chain - both displays work perfectly with full resolution on HD5000,

      until they go to sleep, after that it's impossible to turn them back on, both displays show only factory power management messages.


      I have turned off system sleep in W8.1 on the NUC, displays only can may go to sleep after 15 minutes of inactivity, but still the behaviour is extremely annoying as stated above.


      The only way to get displays working again is to power cycle NUC - power-cycling main display (unplugging/plugging power cable from/to the socket)

      - has anyone had this experience before?


      Such behaviour makes using NUC with two DP chained displays very hard.



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