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    Intel DP45SG & IDCC Wont Work?


      Hi budds

      i have found a new issue for this For *** saken board now, as i am using the IDCC software from Intel to show the processor is running right on 3.0Ghz so i have disable the FireWire and Lan which are present on the board, and restart the PC.

      But after word when i click the IDCC to see the temperature and processor running speed the PC restart its self Automatically, first i thought might be something happend and PC will on later but as soon i logon to windows and click that Software again the PC boots up again, so at tht time i have gone back to BIOS and Enable the On Board Firewire and Lan then restart and click the IDCC, then it runs fine now i dont want to use the onboard firewire and lan wht should i do abt it ?